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Honey, I'm Home - Models: Dawson Grant, Trevor Harris

Description: What starts off as a full handed stroke session for Trevor Harris, quickly turns into a balls to the wall, bareback fuck fest when his hot blond roommate, Dawson Grant catches him in the act! Harris invites the hottie to join; and, after a catching a glimpse of Trevor’s massive meat, Dawson can’t resist. He fills his mouth with cock, then feels his jeans start to tighten. So, he releases the big beast and jacks his juicy jock, hypnotizing Harris till the tall twink takes a taste. Trevor isn’t shy. He says exactly what he wants, which Dawson’s pretty face in his smooth, back seat. Grant gorges on the boy’s pretty pink hole, lapping at the tender tight spot with tongue pounding precision. Horned up Harris can’t control his carnal cravings, and begs for a fucking. Dawson dicks the dude down, doggie style, while Harris’ huge hog sways like a porny pendulum below them. Trevor looks back at the boy hammering his hips, then let’s him know he’s about to get fucked as well. Grant saddles up, and rides Harris’ huge hard on like a cock hungry cowboy. The dark haired dirty boy cups Grant’s amazing ass, spreading the boy’s beautiful butt for a deeper drilling, before flipping Dawson onto his back for a spread eagle smash. Trevor tenderizes the angelic looking lad’s hole with a hard pounding, that causes Grant’s balls to fill with fresh nut. He closes his eyes, tosses his pretty head back, then let’s his load fly. Harris joins the party, hosing his hot roommate down with a bust bath from that big behemoth of his.


Anal Sex, Blowjob

 Anal Sex, Blowjob

 Anal Sex, Blowjob


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Andrewzorse on :

äaunched in February 2011 by the intrepid Amina Abdallah Arraf, the blog "A Gay Girl in Damascus" purported to describe the plight of lesbians in Syria and the political repression at the hands of the Al-Assad dictatorial regime.

On 7 June 2011, a posting on the blog by a person who passed himself off as Amina’s cousin announced that she had been abducted by three armed men who whisked her away in an unmarked car with an official insignia on the windshield [1]

A tidal wave of solidarity immediately swept across the Internet; scores of Facebook accounts called for her release and demonstrations were organized in front of numerous Syrian embassies.

But alas, unmasked by pro-Syrian militants who had identified his IP, anti-Assad activist Tom MacMaster was forced to admit that Amina Abdallah Arraf did not exist and that his blog had been a red herring.

A U.S. postgraduate student at Edinburgh University in Scotland, Tom MacMaster is completing his PhD studies on Syria’s economy. He is currently in Turkey where he took part in an anti-Assad conference calling for a NATO intervention in Syria.

"A Gay Girl in Damascus" gained a worldwide readership and was held up by the Anglo-American press as a direct testimony of the repression in Syria.

Secular Syria does not ban homosexuality, which belongs to the private sphere. However, under the Takfirists - who have been intent on overthrowing the regime for the past couple of months - homosexuality would be punishable by death.

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